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By Marian Broida

Are looking to communicate Hittite? carry out a tumbler and ask for “wa-tar.” This specified job e-book for kids a long time 9 and up indicates what lifestyles used to be like one of the Nubians, Mesopotamians, Hittites, and their acquaintances the Egyptians from round 3100 B.C., while top and reduce Egypt grew to become one nation, to the loss of life of Queen Cleopatra below the Romans, in 30 B.C. tasks similar to construction a Nubian irrigation computer, making a Mesopotamian cylinder seal out of clay, making kilts like these worn by means of Egyptian boys and males, and writing in Hittite cuneiform support younger readers to connect to those historical cultures and spot how profoundly they've got prompted our personal.

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26 Egyptian Work T he pharaoh was the most powerful person in the land. The ancient Egyptians believed the pharaoh was a god and that everything in Egypt, including every person, belonged to the pharaoh. He was supposed to be guided by principles of balance and harmony. The majority of ancient Egyptians were farmers or laborers—often both. During the season when the Nile’s floodwaters were receding, nearly everyone helped plant and tend the crops. When the Nile was in full flood, farmers could work as laborers, since the farmland was under water.

8 Houses for Everyday Life The Egyptian sun beats down almost ceaselessly. Ancient Egyptians built their homes to avoid the heat. They used bricks made of mud, which helped keep the inside of the homes cool. They often made the main room taller than the others, with tiny windows high up in the wall. The heat rose during the day. The small windows, called clerestory (CLEER-story) windows today, let the hot air escape. Most Egyptians built their houses with a flat roof, which they used as an extra room, with a ladder or staircase rising to it from ground level.

Richer people ate more meat. Ox meat was popular. They also ate sheep and goats. In parts of Egypt, people—especially the less wealthy—ate pigs. Wealthy people ate many kinds of fruit, including grapes, dates, melons, and some we don’t see in the United States, such as doum palm fruit. They often drank fine wine instead of beer. For recreation, they hunted in the marshes, and then sometimes dined on their catch of hippopotamus or goose. Pharaohs ate the best of all. , could choose from milk; 3 kinds of beer; 5 kinds of wine; 14 kinds of bread; 10 kinds of cakes plus fruitcakes; 4 kinds of meat, goose, pigeon, and figs; 10 other types of fruit; 5 kinds of grain; 5 kinds of oil; and fresh greens.

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