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By Marshall Clagett

This quantity is a part of Marshall Clagett's three-volume learn of some of the features of technological know-how of historic Egypt. quantity covers calendars, clocks, and astonomical monuments. inside each one region of therapy there's a reasonable chronology glaring as merits a historic paintings overlaying 3 millenia of task. contains greater than a hundred illustrations of records and clinical items.

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1. note 13), since the year shared between each of these pharaohs and his -28- CALENDARS, CLOCKS, ASTRONOMY predecessor (probably in the first case and certainly in the second) adds up to twelve months and five days. Another probable reference to the civil calendar occurs in the Ann/lIs for the reign of Neferirkare where it is noted that in the first year of his reign ceremonies took place for the "Birth of the Gods: which in all likelihood were ceremonies devoted to the gods of the epagomenal days (ibid, n.

10) (tp) 1M (II) tp smdt (12) fJb nb r C nb or variant.... ,- CALENDARS, CLOCKS, ASTRONOMY feasts in which the dead expected to take part. This order. it is easily demonstrated. can be nothing other than chronological. Whatever may be the exact meaning of IVp rnpt and tpy mpr. they clearly belong at the head of 8 list. If we now check feasts 4 to 8 against the later temple calendars (Medinet Habu and the Greco-Roman temples), we rind the following dates in the civil year on which they were celebrated, (4) 'IV~ I 'br 18 (5) bb SKr 1111 fIJI 26 (6) pb lilT II prt 4 (7) db (wr) JI prt 9 (Edfu) III prt I (Il1ahun) (8) prt Mn J 5m IV II (Med.

1. line 11 of the extract from that tomb; and see the contrary opinion of E. 1). There is as well a reference to the epagomenal days in the Pyalmid Texts (Sect. , making) of the braziers, the birth of the gods before you in the five epagomenal days

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