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The principle of apperception is the highest principle in the whole sphere of human knowledge. This principle of the necessary unity of apperception is itself, indeed, an identical, and therefore analytic, proposition; nevertheless it reveals the necessity of a synthesis of the manifold given in intuition, without which the thoroughgoing identity of self-consciousness cannot be thought. For through the 'I', as simple representation, nothing manifold is given; only in intuition, which is distinct from the 'I', can a manifold be given; and only through combination in one consciousness can it be thought.

But in this passive state representations come to us as a disparate manifold, not of the elements of an apparent whole. ) The manifold of representations, however, is combined in some way in order to become an experience of an object. Of crucial significance here is the claim that combination - and the related idea of synthesis - is not a passive, but a spontaneous act. Spontaneity, in a way, names the origin of those parts of our knowledge which do not arise out of experience. Through this spontaneous act the manifold is synthesised into a coherent experience which we as experiencers understand.

On the contrary, it is what, by adding itself to the representation of the manifold, first makes possible the concept of the combination. This unity, which precedes a priori all concepts of combination, is not the category of unity (§ 10); for all categories are grounded in logical functions ofjudgment, and in these functions combination, and therefore unity of given concepts, is already thought. Thus the category already presupposes combination. We must therefore look yet higher for this unity (as qualitative, § 12), namely in that which itself contains the ground of the unity of diverse concepts in judgment, and therefore of the possibility of the understanding, even as regards its logical employment.

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