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By Robert Graham

Quantity one among Anarchism: A Documentary background of Libertarian principles, is a complete and much ranging number of anarchist writings from the feudal period (300) to 1939. Edited and brought by way of famous anarchist student Robert Graham, the gathering will contain the definitive texts from the anarchist culture of political proposal, starting with a few of the earliest writings from China and Europe opposed to feudal servitude and authority.

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Anti-Militarism, War & Revolution /9 In the true sense one's native land, with its background of tradition, early im­ pressions, reminiscences and other things dear to one, is not enough to make sensi­ tive human beings feel at home. A certain atmosphere of "belonging," the consciousness of being "at one" with the people and environment, is more essential to one's feeling of home. This holds good in relation to one's family, the smaller local circle, as well as the larger phase of the life and activities commonly called one's country.

Anarchists who were arrested for these sorts of activities usually ended up in concentration camps, where many of them died. Sauliere was imprisoned in 1943 but was able to escape before being sent to one of the camps. He had been excludedfrom an earlier escape organized by the Communists because he was "anti-patriotic. " The translation has been provided by Charlatan Stew and is taken from their pamphlet, Anarchist Opposition to War. TO ALL INTELLECI1JAL AND MANUAL WORKERS AT A TIME WHEN HUMANITY, LED BY MADMEN, strivers and hypocrites, is collapsing under the repeated blows of greedy profiteers of all sorts, we are once again making a sincere appeal to all reasonable and practical individuals to try to avoid total de­ struction and to take advantage of the present chaos to turn their efforts toward a ra­ tional and humane form of social organization.

European anarchist movements were in eclipse, being forcibly suppressed in the Soviet Union, Italy, Portugal, Bulgaria, Germany and Spain, and outmanoeuvered by the Communists in other parts of Europe. The "Communists" referred to here and elsewhere in this volume were members ofthe various Communist Parties affiliated with the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (formerly the Bolshevik Party), not to be confused with the anarchist communists who opposed the Bolshevik dictatorship in Russia and were among the first of its many victims (see Volume I, Chapter 8 and Chapter 1 8, selections 87-89) .

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