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Will you relay to ......... Shall I send a series of V's? Will you transmit on ......... Will you listen for ....... on ......... Shall I change frequency? Shall I send each word/group more than once? (Answer send twice or ..... ) Shall I cancel number ........ Do you agree with my word count? (Answer negative) How many messages have you to send? What is your location? What is your time? Shall I stand guard for you ..... Will you keep your station open for further communication with me? Have you news of .............

Furnish as soon as possible the weather conditions at your location. Help and care for evacuation of sick and injured from this location needed at once. LOCAL NET/CONTACT INFORMATION Topic LOCAL EMERGENCY NET INFORMATION LOCAL RED CROSS CHAPTER OFFICES LOCAL EMERGENCY OPERATIONS CENTERS LOCAL/COUNTY PUBLIC SAFETY OFFICES ARRL ARES EMERGENCY COORDINATORS OTHER EMERGENCY INFORMATION CONTACTS LOCAL REPEATER DIRECTORY LOCAL PACKET DIRECTORY Page 38 Page 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 47 LOCAL EMERGENCY NET INFORMATION Day Time Net Name Frequency ARES Net RACES Net SKYWARN Net NTS Section Net NTS Local Net Page 39 Sponsor LOCAL RED CROSS CHAPTER OFFICES Chapter Name Address Telephone Page 40 E-Mail Address Station Call Sign LOCAL/COUNTY EMERGENCY OPERATIONS CENTERS EOC Name Address Telephone Page 41 E-Mail Address Station Call Sign LOCAL/COUNTY PUBLIC SAFETY AGENCY OFFICES Agency/Office Name Address Telephone State Police Local Police Sheriff Fire Department Ambulance Civil Defense National Weather Service Page 42 E-Mail Address Station Call Sign SECTION/DISTRICT/COUNTY ARRL ARES EMERGENCY COORDINATORS Name and Call Sign Title Emergency Coordinator (EC) Assistant EC Address District EC Section EC Section Manager Net Manager Page 43 Telephone E-Mail Address OTHER EMERGENCY INFORMATION CONTACTS Name and Call Sign Title Address Page 44 Telephone E-Mail Address LOCAL REPEATER DIRECTORY Location Output Input Callsign Notes Emergency Power Emergency Power Page 45 Location Output Input Callsign Notes Emergency Power Emergency Power Page 46 LOCAL PACKET DIRECTORY Location Frequency Alias Callsign Notes Emergency Power Emergency Power Page 47 Location Frequency Alias Callsign Notes Emergency Power Emergency Power Page 48 ARRL SECTION ARES MAP <> Page 49 SECTION EMERGENCY PLAN <> Page 50 OPERATING AIDS Operating Aid PACKET BBS COMMANDS ARRL COMMUNICATIONS PROCEDURES ITU PHONETIC ALPHABET R-S-T SYSTEM INTERNATIONAL Q SIGNALS ABBREVIATIONS, PROSIGNS, PROWORDS Page 52 53 54 55 56 57 Page 51 SIMPLE PACKET BBS COMMANDS Abbreviation B CM D E H J Command BYE Copy Msg Download Edit TFC Help WHO K L N R S U W Kill List Name Read Send Upload What Function Disconnect from the mailbox Make a copy of a message for another station Download files.

Almost all small boats torn from moorings. Extreme. Extensive damage to roofs on many small residences. Terrain 10 feet or less above sea level flooded. Escape routes cut by rising water 3 to 5 hours before center arrives. Massive coastal evacuation required. Catastrophic. Complete failure of roofs on residences and many commercial structures. Small buildings overturned or blown away. Massive evacuation from low ground within 510 miles of the coast. 401 Operation during a disaster. (a) When normal communication systems are overloaded, damaged or disrupted because a disaster has occurred, or is likely to occur, in an area where the amateur service is regulated by the FCC, an amateur station may make transmissions necessary to meet essential communication needs and facilitate relief actions.

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