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By Suzanne Forster

Contents:Stranger in Her mattress by means of Suzanne Forster -No Mercy via Thea Devine -Satisfy Me by way of Lori Foster -Something Wild by means of Shannon McKenna

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And anyway, she had a backup plan. If the hypnosis worked, and she freed him, she could put him back under later and erase the suggestions. She traced her fingers over his lips, another irresistible impulse, and felt them quiver. Lord, what that did to her. She was humming everywhere. ” The hand that had touched him was shaking. This was the moment when she had to bring him back, but she was frightened. html Her heart ran riot as she bent to kiss him. She brushed her lips over his, and a sound she couldn’t control slipped out.

She was afraid of the feelings he touched in her and devastated that she couldn’t touch him the same way. Out her window Kerry could see Lover’s Park and the defiantly graceful statue. Neighborhood folklore had it that the two young lovers were caught together against the wishes of their families. They were betrothed to others, and their punishment for falling in love was imprisonment. They were kept in separate towers, chained and naked, until they came to their senses and did as their families wished.

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