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By William O'Shaughnessy

AirWAVES!, a set of greater than thirty years of editorials and observation given via William O'Shaughnessy, contains a broad spectrum of Westchester lifestyles, from politics to only simple citizens.O'Shaughnessy, hailed The Squire of Westchester,by former governor Mario Cuomo, brings jointly a retrospective for the Golden Apple, Westchester County, delivering the reader with not just a slice of his articulate type and swish personality, but additionally an historiography of occasions and happenings in and round the county.

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Many have even gone out of their way to encourage and identify with my professional activities. You could search the world and not find better friends than: Bob Abplanalp, Dean Abrams, Cindy Adams, J. , Jodi and Jonathan Bush, William "Billy" Bush, William Butcher, Robert Callahan, Bob Cammann, Jimmy Cannon, Joseph Wood Canzeri, Paul Capelli, Bob Capone, Governor Hugh Leo Carey, Leslie and Peter Carlton-Jones, Jim Carnegie, Oreste Carnevale, Michael Carney, Dr. , Bill Cella, Ken Chandler, Anthony Chiffolo, Sir Harold Christie, Bill Clark, Bobby Clark, Page xviii Monsignor Eugene Clark, James Mott Clark, Richard McC.

5. November Page 8 The Governor and the Garbage Suppose you had four political commentators sitting at your breakfast table this morning, and suppose each of them professed a passing interest in national politics. Chances are, each of the four would want Governor Nelson Rockefeller to "save" us from someone or something. One might hope Rockefeller would "save" us from Ronald Reagan. The second might want the man from Pocantico Hills to "save" us from the man from Texas: Lyndon Johnson. The third would be certain the governor could "save" us, and the English language, from George Romney.

O'Connor, Madeline Cuomo O'Donohue, Paul O'Dwyer, Buzzy O'Keefe, Monsignor Jack O'Keefe, Rita O'Mara, Noreen O'Donnell, Paddy O'Neill, William O'Neill, Frank Page xx Orlando, Admiral Andrew O'Rourke, Cara Ferrin O'Shaughnessy, Catherine Tucker O'Shaughnessy, Julie and Jack O'Shaughnessy, John O'Shaughnessy, Laura O'Shaughnessy, William Mac O'Shaughnessy, Jim O'Toole, Judge Tom O'Toole, Christiana Oakes, William Olson, Nick Orzio, Dean Richard Ottinger, Dick Osborne, Bob Packwood, Len Paduano, Bruno Paganuzzi, William S.

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