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VI, p. 206. §Ch. I, pp. 70-71. 38 INTRODUCTION TO THE BRITISH EDITION If technological progress is going to create new markets, new demand-patterns and new techniques of production and distribution, it is also going to lead to new divisions of labour, and new patterns of social dependency. Yet this produces an inconsistency for the system. Continuous growth implies bigger markets for consumption, or increased rates of consump­ tion for the goods and services produced. There are, however, not only residual pockets of low-consumption potential (poverty) from the past, but fresh pockets being created in the present.

The intervention did not come from any of the existing statutory agencies, from the local authorities or the Environmental or Social Service Departments of government. The Urban Aid Programme was inspired and directed by the Home Office, whose traditional concern has been with the internal security and stability of the state. To date, the programme has been experimental and has relied upon 34 INTRODUCTION TO THE BRITISH EDITION small grants to specified areas for the provision of lowcost social facilities, and a number of small community development projects.

As for the Cambridge highway protest, the road is stalled, at least until the next election. Meanwhile, many of the original group of pro­ testers have been forced out by rising rents caused by a severe housing shortage in the area. At the same time, an­ other highway, which is to connect into the Cambridge one, continues to be built, making the inevitability of the Cam­ bridge road all the more obvious. These cases are hardly special situations. An advocate planner from New York called me not long ago and said he was making a film of advocacy projects around the country.

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