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In order that the “maximum public good shall be secured from the development of this great invention,” Hoover sought to gain support for new legislation giving the secretary of commerce clear legal authority to regulate radio broadcasting. In February 1922, he brought together ex- 16 R A D I O A N D T E L E V I S I O N R E G U L AT I O N perts in the field to help draft legislation and convince Congress of its necessity. 25 Hoover used the Department of Commerce to build up a governmental apparatus that would assist and guide private industry rather than intrusively regulate.

In contrast, members of the Radio Group had first become involved in broadcasting as a way to sell receivers to the public. Indeed, by 1923 nearly half of the more than five hundred stations operating were associated with manufacturers and electrical firms. But the prohibitive cost of producing programming comparable to WEAF’s broadcasts forced these stations to rely on advertising sponsors. RCA formally approved the selling of airtime to advertisers in July 1924. At the third national radio conference, Hoover continued to speak out against direct advertising, but he now accepted as a reality the industry’s move toward the use of advertising-sponsored programming, or toll broadcasting.

Such was the reason given by the chairman of one of the subcommittees for asking John Dellinger, head of the radio department of the Bureau of Standards, to testify on the “purely technical side” of high-power broadcasting. Other engineers, especially Goldsmith, used the occasion to stress their important role in advising the Department of Commerce about radio matters. 48 To call the Institute of Radio Engineers nonpartisan seems very simpleminded, but participants at the radio conference assumed that a sharp distinction could be made between the two roles for engineers.

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