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By Marvin R. Wilson, Chris Alex Vlachos

A Workbook for brand new testomony Greek: Grammar and Exegesis in First John offers beneficial aid for college kids who are looking to commence learning the recent testomony within the unique Greek. Many Greek teachers agree that First John is the easiest position to begin interpreting within the New testomony since it is short and doesn't use many complex sentences or infrequent phrases. This workbook divides 1 John into twenty-five assignments averaging 4 verses. every one project has 3 sections:• Vocabulary—defines and parses varieties which may as but be surprising• Questions—leads the scholar via very important grammatical observations• For extra Study—encourages deeper mirrored image on questions of grammar, textual feedback, exegesis, and applicationAll 3 sections provide priceless references to grammars, commentaries, lexicons, and different research is helping that scholars should still familiarize yourself with. additionally supplied are integrated reference tools:• Greek-English Dictionary of First John—briefly defines each notice utilized in 1 John• Analytical Lexicon of First John—parses each shape that looks within the letterDesigned to be used within the moment 1/2 a first-year Greek direction via scholars who've handed the midpoint in a typical advent to New testomony Greek, this workbook can be used for person research and evaluation.

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W h y in v. 25 is rqv Ccofjv TT\V cdcoviov in the accusative case while its antecedent (eiTayyeXia) is nominative? ) 38 Assignment 9 1 John 2:22-25 FOR FURTHER STUDY 1. Examine Smalley's discussion (1, 2, 3 John, 111-14) of the possible nature of the heresy that John addresses in v. 22. 2. What does it mean in v. ") 3. What light may Rev 22:15 shed on the severity of John's argument about lying and liars (vv. 21-25)? 4. Does v. 24 teach that a person who does not remain constant in belief may lose his or her salvation?

Act. 3d sg. of dya7rdco, [if anyone] loves €7TI6T)LIIO:, - A G , f|, lust, longing, strong desire. The term usually carries a negative connotation in the New Testament, oapicog, 3d decl. fern. gen. sg. of adp£, of [the] flesh dXa£oveux, -ag, f|, boastfulness, vain display, pretension, arrogance (3iog, -ov, 6, life, means of living, property, possessions. This is the word from which the terms "biology" and "biography" are derived. TTOICOV, pres. ptcp. act. masc. nom. sg. of noted), [the one who] does GeXTjua, SeXrjLiaTog, T O , will, wish, desire auova, 3d decl.

Discuss the biblical concept of the fatherhood of God (cf. Mai 2:10). Work into your discussion John 1:12 and the New Testament terms "adoption" and "Abba" (see R o m 8:14-16). 4. " In light of your study of this passage (especially v. 2), what do you think it will mean for Christians to become "like Jesus" at his appearing? ASSIGNMENT A Contrast: The Sinful and the Righteous 1 John 3:4-8 VOCABULARY DVOLUCX, -ag, f|, lawlessness, transgression. " See also dSudac; in 1:9. dpi], aor. subj. act. 3d sg.

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