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By C. L. Seow

A number one grammar of biblical Hebrew.

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Word Order in the Biblical Hebrew Finite Clause

Over the past forty years, the learn of word-order edition has turn into a sought after and fruitful box of study. Researchers of linguistic typology have came upon that each language allows quite a few word-order structures, with topic, verb, and items occupying various positions relative to one another.

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Under :11Y one finds 1wo listings of the root (see pp. 723-26), but no noun :11~· On p. 726 col. i, however, one finds a reference: "1. :11~ v. 1Y'. II. III. :11 ~ v. " This means that there are three nouns :11~, one listed 1111der 1Y', a nd two und er ,,Y. Under 1Y', th en , one finds the en11y for " I. :11~ " (p. d . o refer red to th e oth er two no un s: " II. Ill. :11Y v. " T "" 52 I Excursus A Additional Exercise The student should now be able to locate most Hebrew nouns in BDB. In order to become more comfortable with this important tool, however, one must constantly use it.

Read Gen 4I:I7-20 out loud and translate the passage with the help of a dictionary and these notes. Q;! , the Nile). 3. : and beautiful I. lil1 and they were feeding. 4. like a consuming fire 5. ~) them '~ a hand that is stretched o ut aga in st me 8. yo u (ms) a rc mo re ri ghteo us than I I ,r v I9 : 1~9 1~t;l ni~lllit. ~~ in nil lh c Iand o f Egy pt. :J~hi and (s uhj ccl) ate . _J "\) cJ. ~. Demonstratives I 105 Lesson X I. Vith _adjectives (and participles fu nctioning as adjectives), it stands in the final_position- after the adjective(s).

T he third ("III. ). ~: This form is not difficult. The final i1 ... - suggests a III-He .. cx). The-~ must be a prefix. The root is illj:'. It out that there are, according to B DB, two roots illj:'. The no un ila~~ appears after "I illj:'" (meaning "get, acquire"). · If one discounts the plural ending ni- and the -~ as a noun prefix, one is left with the probable root 01j:'. This noun is found on p. 879. il J':;'~ : The i1T- ending is obviously a marker of the feminine. cx) or ~-,~~. vii).

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