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A transparent web page by means of web page black and white test of Seow's grammar.

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BDR I 47 The verb does not occur in Hebrew, so no examples are cited. There are cognates in other Semitic languages, however, and the dictionary duly lists them. After this information, at the top of col. ii, one finds the noun 1~7~· The subscript "214" after the noun indicates the number of times the word occurs in all its forms. ) and briefly defined. Then the various forms are given: construct (see Lesson X), forms with suffixes (see Lesson XI), the plural, and so forth. The treatment of this noun continues through most of the column, and there is a wealth of information here.

IN vii. Many words that originally had Waw or Yo<;l as the third radical appear with a final He. In the standard dictionaries and grammars, such roots (original III-Waw/ Yog) are classified as III-He. Note). In other words, the label "III-He Roots" refers to roots that are really III-Waw/ Yo<;l, but not to those that are really III-rl! a. III-He ms nouns frequently end in :i ... -. Indeed, one may assume that any noun ending in :i ... , original III-Waw or III-Yog). r a. The diphthong *ay becomes Weak Radicals I 29 -dyi- when stressed.

Heart) 15. 14. 13. ~'ti T :J:>i::ll (star) 1'T (hand) 4. 5· 9. nations i10~~ (offering) (palace) (righteous) 9. Fl~ (priest) 16. i11J~'P~ (family) (song) ,,lP :J~~ (grape) 17. a. Give the plural of the following: I. IO. n~! (olive) 18. T i1iir-t (law) I I. :J~N (enemy) 3. yii~ (lord) 2. 12. ~ (god) 6. b. Write the following in Hebrew: 5. prophets (two) eyes face IO. judgments 1. 11. judges 6. heaven 7. priests 12. (two) hands 3. kingdoms 8. mothers 2. 4. (two) ears c. Read the following passage out loud.

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