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By Paul C. Jong

In Christianity at the present time, the main often mentioned matters are ''salvation from sin'' and ''the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.'' although, few humans have special wisdom of those principles, although they're the 2 most crucial ideas in Christianity. what's worse, we will not locate any biblical writing that teaches us basically concerning the concerns above. there were plenty of Christian authors glorifying the presents of the Holy Spirit or describing the Spirit-filled lives. yet any of them dares to house the elemental query, ''How can a believer definitely obtain the Holy Spirit?'' Why? dazzling fact is they could not write approximately it in full-scale simply because they did not have specific wisdom of it. As Prophet Hosea cried out, ''My everyone is destroyed for loss of knowledge,'' these days, now not a number of Christians are drawn into non secular fanaticism, hoping to obtain the Holy Spirit. they suspect that they are going to obtain the Holy Spirit by means of achieving a nation of ! frenzy and hysteria. however it isn't any exaggeration to assert that their so-called religion reduces Christianity to mere shallow Shamanism, and that such fanaticism derives from devil.

The writer Rev. Paul C. Jong dares to proclaim the reality. He offers the fundamental matters in full-scale, which so much non secular writers have avoided for a very long time. He first defines the which means of ''being born again'' and ''the indwelling of the Holy Spirit,'' and explains the inevitable courting among the 2 pivotal strategies. Then he runs the total gamut of description about the Holy Spirit, from ''how to parent the spirits'' to ''the solution to Spirit-filled lives.'' for additional info, the writer advises you to check the contents of this booklet published in this website.

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In their enthusiasm, they willingly entrust themselves to socalled the dominion of the Holy Spirit, but strictly speaking most of their teachings and practices are not based on the Bible. In the developing world, this movement has developed tremendously within the context of their needs. Their leaders have attracted developing world Christians with the blessings of wealth and health along with religious enthusiasm. Some deviation of the movement like the Neo-Pentecostalism is even reported as the movement sharing the same teachings as the New Age Movement.

Also, Peter said in 1 Peter 3:21, “There is also an antitype which now saves us ─ baptism (not the removal of the filth of the flesh, but the answer of a good conscience toward God), through the resurrection of Jesus Christ,” and he demonstrated the beautiful gospel of Jesus’ baptism through this verse. Jesus’ disciples believed that His baptism by John cleansed all the sins of the world. They were forgiven for their sins, and were thus no longer under the curse of the law by believing in this truth.

If these people are not loyal to the demon’s gifts of speaking in tongues, healing, or prophecy, in other words, if they are not faithful to the works of Satan, then Satan may make them become sick for no particular reason. It is just like a fortuneteller or a shaman gets a lingering illness when he neglects the role as Satan’s servant. This is why they have to use the gifts they have received from Satan ardently lest they are abandoned in misery after they have used up their powers. I once knew someone who was a fervent believer in Jesus and looked as if he possessed many powers from God.

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