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841. ~ A B PU~PAKA (v. PU~PAKARA) (No. 839). U:ar (-M") PUSPAKARA C,D,E F,G A B C,D,E - PUSAN Son of Nagabhatta. Author of the pillar inscription of Mana, found at Chittorgadh, near the Manasarovar lake. Dated "seventy had elapsed beyond seven hundred years when the lord of men, the king of Malwa formed this lake" . See A. Author of the inscription described in A. 59 F,G I 842. A B E F G H I J P~THVfDHARACARY A Nothing to note. J. Tod'sAnnals and Antiquities of Rajasthan, Vol I;pp. 349 - 351 (Calcutta ed.

V. TARUNABHATTA;PUNYA; . , SMS VI, (v. Kav p. 105, A. (P shn rt1 The Wonder that was India, (Grove Pross) p. 6; (17) SkY , . 28 (a. , IS 2018, SMS VI = Am~r 2; (18) VS 1612, PuPra 643, SkY 654/Kav 367 (a. , SMS VII, (v. Kav p. 57, G. 63, p. 156 v. 63; (19) VS 1837 (a. Banakavi), SMS VI (v. Kav~. ), (v. Kav p. 27, VS 1715, SP 3855, SMS VII, (v. Kav p. 1], SMS VII, (v. Kav p. , SMS VII, (v. Kav p. 57); (24) PG 302 (a. 21 (a. , SMS VII, (v. Kav p. 57); (25) Auc ad 20 (59), SMS VIII, (v. Kav p. , SMS VIII, (v.

Lyrical verse. PRIYAVlRAHA v. PRIYAVlRAHA (No. 3] (a. Sahasanka~, V~dy 1~O (a: Sahasanka), (v. AB 374). Priyaviraha is spelt Priyaviraha In VJv. CC 364, VS 61 (v. 258), SACA 870. verses were very famous and quoted in the earliest and latest anthologies (Skm and Vidy). 2 is attributed in Skm and Vidy to Sahasanka and, since Priyaviraha is not the name of the author but his sobriquet, it is probable that the real name of the author was Sahasarika, Beautiful lyrical verses dealing with separation of lovers tcakravdka birds).

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