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By Kim Riddlebarger

In a transparent and obtainable demeanour, Kim Riddlebarger provides and defends amillennialism—the trust that the millennium is a gift truth situated in Christ's heavenly reign, now not a destiny wish of Christ's rule on the earth after his return—as the old Protestant knowing of the millennial age.

Recognizing that eschatology—the examine of destiny things—is a sophisticated and arguable topic, Riddlebarger starts with definitions of key terminology and an outline of varied viewpoints and similar biblical topics. He then discusses key passages of Scripture that undergo upon the millennial age, together with Daniel nine, Matthew 24, Romans eleven, and Revelation 20. eventually, he evaluates the most difficulties dealing with all the significant millennial positions and cautions us to concentrate on the implications of every view.

This elevated version incorporates a new foreword from Michael Horton, a brand new bankruptcy at the antichrist, a brand new bankruptcy on indicators of the top, and a number of other beneficial charts and indexes.

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Though the tribulation period commences with the secret rapture, the bodily return of Christ occurs after the great tribulation. This means that those who are converted to Christ during the tribulation, including Jews (the 144,000), go on into the millennium to repopulate the earth. During the millennium, the kingdom of God is fully manifested on earth. Glorified believers will rule with Christ during his reign over all the nations. The dispensationalist hermeneutic colors how dispensationalists understand the Gospels as well.

Hence eschatology cannot really be only a part of Christian doctrine. indd 57 5/10/13 4:05 PM 58 ↜B iblic a l a nd T heologic a l Concer ns The entire Bible is eschatological in its outlook. This is especially true throughout the Old Testament, which anticipates the coming of Christ, the Redeemer of Israel and the Mediator of God’s covenant. ” The Redeemer came, and his promise to return a second time guarantees that even though the New Testament is grounded in the fulfillment of Old Testament promises, all is not yet accomplished.

The next chapter discusses these views in more detail. There are approaches to the book of Revelation other than preterism or futurism, however. One approach is the so-called historicist school, the traditional Protestant interpretation that stresses the identification of Babylon the Great with the city of Rome. This perspective views Revelation as a symbolic prophecy of the entire history of the church down to the return of Christ and the end of the age. €. One of the prevailing features of this interpretation has been the view that the beast is the Roman papacy and the false prophet the Roman Church.

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