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Praise him while he is playing and slip on the collar and the leash as a reward. You’ve got to make it seem like he’s got this amazing present (the collar and the leash) for being so good! Your dog needs to see the collar and leash as something he should be proud of. Leave the collar and leash on and let him trail it around for a while. If he seems scared, reassure him and let him have a feel of the leash and collar. Let him sniff at it and explore it a bit more. Keep him in the vicinity of the crate and let him patter around the area but do not allow him to enter the crate with a leash on for fear of it getting stuck somewhere.

So ten minutes into the play session, take your pup to the potty spot and bring him back. Play for some more time and let him enjoy your company. Let him get to know all the family members and shed his initial fears. IIn nttrro od du uccee h hiim m tto o tth hee o otth heerr p peettss If you have other dogs and pets like a cat or a bird, this is a good time to introduce your dog because he is fed, cleaned and rested. Make sure you reassure your older dog that you still love him and hold the new dog in your arms as you let the other pet sniff him all over.

Your dog also walked the route to the potty spot, which means he will learn it too. Your dog learned the sit command, which means he is ready for more obedience training. Your dog is enjoying walks and getting more exercise. You have eliminated accidents by being there every hour and after every meal and nap time and he knows the housetraining words now. Over all you have done great—and so has your dog. Get some sleep for tomorrow and keep up that patience with your dog. You’re on the right track and it is just a matter of practice and routine before your dog is potty perfect.

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