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By Robert C. Woosnam-Savage, Glasgow Museums, National Army Museum

1745: Charles Edward Stuart and the Jacobites

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Hanoverian Britain and empire: essays in memory of Philip Lawson

Awarded in reminiscence of the prestigious historian Philip Lawson, this choice of essays examines the household and colonial historical past of england within the interval among the Hanoverian succession and the early-19th century. starting with historiographical surveys, the contributions move directly to speak about a number of the concerns on the vanguard of old learn and controversy: the aristocracy, the British challenge, the political position of girls, British id, and the issues of empire in either India and the United States.

Best for Britain?: The Politics and Legacy of Gordon Brown

On twenty eighth June 2007, Gordon Brown ultimately succeeded Tony Blair as best Minister for excellent Britain, having waited within the wings for over ten years. Does his premiership sign a shift to the left in British Politics? what's going to it suggest for the UK's dating with the U.S.? Simon Lee systematically examines Brown's politics over the past ten years of Labour strength, and gives an exam of Britain's most crucial political determine.

Austerity Britain, 1945-1951

An imposing people’s background of britain within the years instantly following the tip of global warfare II, and a shock bestseller within the united kingdom. up to any nation, England bore the brunt of Germany’s aggression in global warfare II , and used to be ravaged in lots of methods on the war’s finish. Celebrated historian David Kynaston has written an totally unique, compellingly readable account of the next six years, in which the rustic indomitably rebuilt itself.

Politics and the Nation: Britain in the Mid-Eighteenth Century

Harris offers a brand new photo of political lifestyles in mid-eighteenth-century Britain. Drawing on loads of unique fabric, the booklet argues that British politics and political tradition in that interval have frequently been poorly understood via overemphasis on "stability. " utilizing a thematic technique, it sincerely reconstructs a political global within which very important matters persisted to workout the minds and feelings of these who made up the modern "political nation," a gaggle that integrated way over a handful of politicians who competed for nationwide workplace.

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